Valhalla Festival 2013
In september started a new adventure for me, being part of the Valhalla Festival crew hard at work to make it the best festival we could create.
Valhalla brings the world's best dj's combined with an ambience that takes you on a ride to a completely different world, one that wil amaze you with circus acts, live performances & music that makes love to your ears.
See here a selection of the works and different products I've been working on the past months.
Credit: The logo and artwork have been made by mediagroe.
Social Media

The best way to get people involved with the festival is to be active on social media, we created images that highlight our broad programming, contests that involve share actions that brings us to a larger audience and many more images like timetables, artists illustrations and practical information. See below a selection of posts.

Online Marketing

We created awareness of the festival by using banners with animation on websites that our target audience regularly visits, the banners are created in a variety of dimensions to be flexible in use.
Print Advertising 

We have made advertisements for the leading music & cultural magazines, besides just advertising have we made a special thank you flyer that is handed out at the end of the festival night, see below for an example of what the flyer looks like.
The Aftermath 

Valhalla Festival 2013 was a big succes, it was sold out with people attending from all across the country. 
The ambience that we looked for, a circus from the past, was a brightful element that complimented the great dj's that Valhalla hosted. 
I've learned a lot in past few months, we've been spending hard work at making Valhalla the best festival there is, I would like to thank my colleagues that gave me the opportunity to be a part of this great team.

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