The Ark

Branding the world’s largest cruiseship festival.

The wold's largest and most luxurious electronic music festival at sea, The Ark Cruise has seen two incredible editions after being founded in 2017. I was tasked with creating a fitting brand identity that both communicated the tropical and decadent vibe of the event, as well as relaying the subtle "Noah's Ark" messaging to potential customers. Beginning with the logo, I took inspiration from the event's unique selling points, storyline, and many other sources, and created a design that is both minimal, and very clearly conveys the brand's values and theme. The end result is ship that quite literally takes off with wings, inspiring with imagery that The Ark is truly a unique music festival like no other.




Branding, Mailings, Marketing, Web Design


Web Design

I carefully designed The Ark's website for both desktop and mobile platforms, to work as optimally as possible on all devices. The design begins with a video that highlights the success from the last edition, and showcases to visitors what they can expect when they experience The Ark. Below are the latest news items in frames that are designed in frames based on The Ark's branding, to ensure a uniform design. The footer features social channels, a newsletter subscription section, as well as features the main partners and sponsors of the event.

Ark socials



Together with the marketing team, I created and designed all assets and templates that were used over the main social media campaign throughout the year. The goal was to create an exciting and vibrant set of communications, sharing friendly summery visuals and updates to excite as many people as possible about attending the first and second editions of The Ark. I designed all assets used over the social campaign, including those used on Facebook, Google, and Instagram, over 50 mailers sent to the event's email database on a weekly basis, and anywhere else The Ark's branding was seen via digital promotion.

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Below are some pictures that show the amazing vibe that was found onboard The Ark Cruise in 2017 and 2018. In the end, I can truly say this was an incredibly special project to be a part of, and would like to thank the entire team for giving me the opportunity to be part of such an amazing experience.


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Ready for your next project?

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some cat pictures.

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